In 1986, Just about the same time the ball was going through Bill Buckner’s legs, I was putting the finishing touches on my new sirloin strip sandwich concept, “Strip-T’s” Yes, that’s where that name that gets all the funny looks comes from.

Well over the years, as other items took over the menu and beef prices rose, the sirloin strip sandwich fazed out. We had already built a solid customer base by that time and the name caught on~ it stayed, and let’s face it, it is memorable.

But to me, Strip-t’s was always more than a steak sandwich shop with a quirky name. It was about creating a fun, inspiring, affordable and quality based restaurant. We wanted to serve homemade food through personable wait staff to great customers. The type of creative food, that people couldn’t find in the area at the time (or now for that matter).

To those early regulars, and thankfully we still have many, they will remember our early innovations of putting a variety of toppings on our Caesar salads such as grilled scallops, soft-shell crabs, turkey tips (I think we invented the grilled chicken Caesar) our over the top soup selections, paper thin onion rings, steak tips, fresh seafood po’boy’s and awesome pockets.

These items can still be caught flying out of the kitchen on occasion. Once in a while (upon request of course) you can still participate in customer abuse days.